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Happy International Women's Day!   Here's a set of handdrawn cloth pad digital stickers you can use to track your menstrual period on your digital planner and digital bujo! The resolution of the images are smaller than usual, since this is one of the first sets I made for myself back when I was learning to create stickers. Nonetheless, I hope you'll be able to use them!  Download FREE Cloth Pad Stickers Download Visit the Shop
Happy New Year!! I hope your year is off to a great start!  I had this idea last year while I was blurring my journal entries and getting impatient, as I'm bound to be, at the extra step of having to go into an editing app to blur my journal text and having to resave the photo before I could share it.  Wouldn't it be neat if I could just drag a mosaic in GoodNotes or ZoomNotes or Zinnia or whatever digital planning app and save as usual for sharing? Like, as mosaic text stickers to cover my text? It would be so convenient to save the page for sharing on Instagram, then just delete the mosaic in my digital planning app after the save! Wouldn't it be great if I didn't have to waste time saving the og spread, importing to an editing app, editing, and saving a new image? If I didn't have to clutter my photos app with the same spread with a mosaic and non-mosaic version to delete later? YES, IT WOULD!  So I finally had time to make them this year! I made 5 variations in
Here's another free digital sticker from the past!  When it comes to decorative stickers like these polcos (polaroid decos), I actually prefer them uncropped on a digital sticker sheet. It's much easier to drag and drop the digisticker sheet in my planning app of choice and freehand crop (unless that app is Zinnia, which does not have freehand crop and you're stuck with quadlilateral crop shapes) the stickers I want to use than wait for my cloud storage to load all the stickers.  However, I know a lot of people prefer them cropped individually, so this time I've included cropped pngs of these Glitter Polco Digital Sticker Freebies! And with this post, I've completed moving all my past non-exclusive Digital Sticker freebies to the website!  If you're interested in exclusive digital sticker freebies, sign up for the monthly newsletter and join the Digital Stickers for Digital Planners & Digital Journals with inmidnights FB group . Download FREE Glitter Polco