Adding Digital Stickers on Your Digital Planning App

Now that you've downloaded and unzipped your digital sticker files, here are a few ways to use them!


You can add stickers to your app using DRAG AND DROP on Split Screen, which is what I usually use.

1. Open your journal/planner/paper that you want to use the stickers on.

2. Drag the Files app upwards on split screen

3. Drag and drop the stickers you want to use from Files into your digital planning/notetaking/journaling app. 

I screenrecorded a quick video of the process here just now as a sample (using GoodNotes5)

Done, you should be able to use the stickers now! ☺️

Via Import to GoodNotes5: 

GoodNotes5 is one of the most popular app choices for digital planning. All inmidnights stickers come with a GoodNotes stickerbook file (.goodnotes). 

After you download the .goodnotes file, simply import the file into Goodnotes5 as a new document. GoodNotes files (.goodnotes) do not need to be unzipped. Here's a sample video: 

You can turn captions on for a description of the process.

If you are using GoodNotes5, I also found this really helpful video that addresses almost all the very common problems I often encounter with GoodNotes, and the easy solutions for them: