How to Use Digital Stickers: All About Decorating Your Digital Planner

I love stickers! It's one of the main reasons I moved to digital planning from traditional bullet journal and paper planning. I really wanted to make more Kpop spreads and spending PHP800/month for printer ink was not giving. Now I can draw my own Kpop stickers or use photos in my spread without breaking the bank!
shinee digital sticker planner spread

If you're like me or you've just transitioned to digital planning and want to know more about digital stickers, you've come to the right place! Here, I'll tell you more about:
Digital Stickers
How to Download Digital Stickers
How to Unzip Digital Sticker Folders
How To Add Digital Stickers to Your Digital Planner


Digital stickers are just image files. They're usually saved as PNG to keep the transparent background. Since they're just images, you can add them in your chosen digital planning / digital notetaking app the same way you would add any image!


After your successful purchase from, the page will refresh to show download link/s. Simply click on the link/s for the download to start.

You will also receive a confirmation email with download link/s. You can download from here too. Here's what the email looks like:

After you've downloaded your files, you can unzip the ZIP files (.zip) to get the individual PNGs or use the GoodNotes file (.goodnotes) to import straight to GoodNotes. 

How to Unzip Digital Sticker Folders

If you're planning to use the PNG files in the ZIP file, you will have to unzip them first to access all the stickers. 

Unzip File On Your iPad

Here’s how to unzip a digital sticker folder file on the iPad:

1. Open the Files app, then find the ZIP file or archive you want to uncompress.

2. Tap the ZIP  file or archive.

3. A folder will be created containing the files. You should be able to see the stickers in this folder.

If you’re a visual person, here’s a video I found—I linked the relevant information, which is at timestamp 2min40secs and ends at 3min:

How To Add Digital Stickers to Your Digital Planner

Now that you've downloaded and unzipped your digital sticker files, here are a few ways to use them!

Via Split Screen: 

You can add stickers to your app using DRAG AND DROP on Split Screen, which is what I usually use.

1. Open your journal/planner/paper that you want to use the stickers on.
2. Drag the Files app upwards on split screen
3. Drag and drop the stickers you want to use from Files into your digital planning/notetaking/journaling app. 

I screenrecorded a quick video of the process here just now as a sample (using GoodNotes5)

Done, you should be able to use the stickers now! ☺️

Via Import to GoodNotes5 

Another way to import stickers is through "stickerbook" files. These are just files saved in the planning app. For example, GoodNotes5 is one of the most popular app choices for digital planning. Many individual creators include .goodnotes5 stickerbooks in their downloads, including me!

After you download the .goodnotes file, simply import the file into Goodnotes5 as a new document. GoodNotes files (.goodnotes) do not need to be unzipped. Here's a sample video: 

You can turn captions on for a description of the process.

All inmidnights stickers come with a GoodNotes stickerbook file (.goodnotes). 


If you are using GoodNotes5, I also found this really helpful video that addresses almost all the very common problems I often encounter with GoodNotes, and the easy solutions for them: