About inmidnights

Hi! I'm Jecca. My fangirling has consistently needed a creative outlet, from when I was a tween learning Corel so I could insert myself in scenes of the first Harry Potter film, until now where I breathe books, fics, Kpop, and anything my heart decides it loves at the moment. A lot of skills I have now and make my living from, I learned on my own just because I wanted to make fangirl/SHINee-related things. XD So here I am!

Some random things about me: 
  • I've been a SHINee fan since their debut. Like young people back then, I thought I would "grow out of it", but I have not--especially when their music and personalities bring so much comfort, inspiration, and have helped me get through extremely low points in my life. I'm in this SHINee shizz for life! 
  • I like to color my hair by myself. I've done little mermaid red, orange red, purple, violet, fuschia, pastel pink, and mixed colors! 
  • I'm an enneagram type 5w6.

Anyway, fangirling brought me here! Now I create fandom-themed digital stickers and trackers. Here, you can track your reading lists, Kpop playlists, fave fanfics, binged series, movie recs, podcasts, and more with fun generic styles or fandom-inspired sticker designs. I also make Kpop printables that you can use for your #kpopjournalspreads.

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